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LCD/LED Plugin 2.86


  • LEDWiz
  • PACDrive
  • U-HID
  • BetaBrite
  • BPP-440
  • CrystalFontz
  • PJRC
  • ProLite
  • Speech
  • Sample


  • Multiple hardware support at a time (for any of the above devices)
  • Game display and/or button hilighting while scrolling through a game list
  • LED attract mode/s (lwax's/demo/audio/plasma)
  • LED audio attract mode (LED's dance to music)
  • LED speak button actions (Each button is lit up one by one while the action is spoken)
  • LED plasma attract mode (10 paletted effects)
  • Create your own LWAX animation files for LED attract mode
  • Uses real game CP colors to light up your RGB LED's (currently supports 1210 ROMs)
  • Uses Mame Interop to receive events from Mame in realtime and sends them to the LED Controller or LCD (Eg. Flashing start buttons when you drop in a coin, flashing buttons on LED or output to LCD "PAUSED" message when paused)
  • Test attract and lcd test modes in the configuration
  • Realtime color feedback while you configure your LED's
  • Color mapping so you can map custom colors for colors.ini
  • Now LEDs lights up and flash leaving last LED lit with speak button actions feature
  • Skip speak button actions feature with button
  • Includes over 70 lwax animations
  • Now works with cfg files in Mame so it will light up buttons correctly for custom key mappings

Latest Features (New to V2)

  • Support for PACDrive & U-HID (thanks to Andy @ Ultimarc!)
  • Light games on a per emulator/game basis
  • Advanced lighting system (more accurate than ever before)
  • Event system (lcd/led/voice/sample support)
  • Mame Output mappings (ledx/lampx/digitx)
  • Pause Mame to light and speak controls
  • Support for arzoo's LED Animation Editor
  • Play random samples or speech
  • Lighting profiles for favorites

LED Animations (LWAX)

You can use arzoo's great LED Animation Edtior to create custom LWAX animation files for playback in GameEx

You can download it from


- Just copy the files into your GameEx\PLUGIN folder and run the GameEx Plugin Manager to configure the devices. It should be pretty straight forward.
- You can place LWAX files in the GameEx\PLUGIN\PluginLCD\LWAX folder and the plugin will randomly show your own custom made animations in attract mode.

You must have GameEx 7.50+ to use this plugin.


Currently there are no videos to demonstrate the V2 features.


This software is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license