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Mame - Mame Compiler 64

Mame Compiler 64

This is a front end to make compiling Mame/Mame64 and apply diff patches as easy as possible.

Requires the .NET 2.0 Runtime


How to compile Mame with the Hiscore patch:

  1. Click the Downloads tab
  2. If this is your first time running Mame Compiler put a tick next to Build Tools
  3. Put a tick next to Mame Source and the Hiscore Diff Patch
  4. Click the Download Selected button and wait for the files to finish downloading and extracting
  5. Click the Diff Patch tab
  6. Click the magnifying glass icon to browse and select the Hiscore diff patch (Eg. hi_163.txt)
  7. Click the Apply Patch button to apply the Hiscore diff patch
  8. Click the GO! button to compile

To compile MameUI:

  1. Click the Downloads tab
  2. Put a tick next to MameUI Source
  3. Click the Download Selected button and wait for the file to finish downloading and extracting
  4. Click the Build Options tab
  5. Select WinUI from the OSD drop down list
  6. Click the GO! button to compile

NOTE: To compile an Arcade only build of Mame go to the Build Options tab and select Arcade from the Sub Target drop down list.

Older Versions of MAME

For Mame versions earlier than 0143u1 you cannot use Mame Compiler v1.24 to compile MAME you must use v1.17. You can download Mame Compiler v1.17 from here.

U Release Diff Patches

You can get the Official Mame diff patches for u releases from

HiScore Diff Patches

Newer hiscore diff's are available for download from

Applying Diff Patches

To apply them do in this order:

  1. Apply xxxu1.diff
  2. Apply xxxu2.diff
  3. Apply xxxu3.diff
  4. Apply hi_xxxu3.diff
  5. Compile

Version History

4-8-16 v2.0.176 - Added support for EOL Conversion and Prefix Strip options for patching
3-6-16 v2.0.173 - Added support for creating diff's 
26-2-16 v2.0.171 - Support for Mame 0171+
5-1-16 v2.0.169 - Support for Mame 0169+
3-1-16 v2.0.168 - Support for new build tools
31-8-15 v2.0.165 - Update for MameUI 0165+ download & extraction
24-8-15 v2.0.164 - Improved downloading and extracting
27-6-15 v2.0.163 - Added support for STRIP_SYMBOLS
1-6-15 v2.0.162 - Support for "arcade" and "mess" sub targets
3-5-15 v2.0.161 - Update for new build tools and Mame 0161+
31-1-15 v2.0.1 - Fix for Mame 0158+
18-11-14 v2.0 - UI Update, new options added, auto-download source and patches
12-11-14 v1.3.2 - Fix for compiling MAME 0154+
01-05-14 v1.3.1 - Added fix for output in MameUI 0153+ and FASTDEBUG option
27-12-12 v1.3 - Many new compiler options added
13-12-12 v1.24 - Updated for new toolchain, added Force Direct Input option
21-08-11 v1.23 - Updated for new toolchain
29-05-11 v1.22 - Updated for new toolchain
15-05-11 v1.21 - MameUI compile no longer uses MameUI.mak
20-09-10 v1.20 - Updated to latest MinGW
05-05-10 v1.19 - Added "Optimize for: None" option (should solve png2bdc.exe crash issue)
08-02-10 v1.18 - Added support for 64-bit MinGW MAME 0.136u1+
04-10-08 v1.17 - Added "Disable Warnings as Error" to use when compiling 127u6
08-07-08 v1.16 - Added support for compiling Mame 0126
25-06-08 v1.15 - Added support for compiling Mame 0105
01-04-08 v1.14 - Added AMD64 and AthlonXP optimization options
01-04-08 v1.13 - Added more error handling, updated patches
22-02-08 v1.12 - Added support for compiling MameUI
14-02-08 v1.11 - Added new architecture flags
13-02-08 v1.1 - Fixed compiling for seattle.c games
11-02-08 v1.0 - Adding support for compiling Mame64
05-12-07 v0.5 - Fixed compiling for 0.116
21-10-07 v0.4 - Fixed make error for 0.120+
07-10-07 v0.3 - Fixed compiling for < 0.118u5
01-10-07 v0.2 - Added color coded output, timers and MKChamp's current diff releases.
30-09-07 v0.1 - First Release


Thanks to MKChamp for the hiscore diff's.


Download Mame Compiler 64