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CPWizard - CPWizard is a control panel editor, control panel (controls.dat), game info (listinfo.xml/Catver.ini/nplayers.ini/HallOfFame.xml), game history (history.dat), mame info (mameinfo.dat), special moves (command.dat) and hiscore (story.dat) viewer.

CPWizard is a CP editor and viewer with a graphics library designed to build a custom CP. It runs resident in the icon tray and can be invoked by pressing pause in Mame without the need for command line options. It can export CP as images or bezel artwork that can be toggled on or off inside Mame. It also supports emulators other than Mame.

Mame Compiler 64 - FE to help compiling Mame and applying diff patches. Supports Mame 32/64 and MameUI 32/64.

MameJoyMap - This is a Mame analog joystick map editor. Loads/Saves Mame ini files that can specify analog control map for specific games. Some example ini files included. Save the ini files to the Mame's ini folder (create one if it's not there). Name the file [ROM].ini.

MameInterop SDK - The MameInterop SDK is a collection of source code projects to help with writing applications that communicate with Mame using it's built in output system developed by the MAME Team.

CoinDrop - This program will allow you to send coin drops to Mame from within your front-end. It runs in the background using a very small amount of CPU. When it detects a coin drop it will play a sound effect and store the amount of coins in memory. When you start Mame you can press the start keys and a credit is automatically registerd and starts the game. Dropping coins outside of Mame means you can carry over credits to multiple games.

ControlsDat - ControlsDat is software to edit the ControlsDat data file which is to describe controls used for arcade games.

Data Files

Controls.Dat 0.134  - Garwil's Unofficial Controls.xml Alpha Release. Note: Newer versions are available here.

Command.Dat (22-12-2009) - Procyon's Command.dat file revised by Fabricio da Silva Coroquer.
Command.Dat (Japanese 03-02-2011) - Japanese version of Command.dat

colors.ini - Data file containing color definitions of actual buttons for authentic arcade control panels.