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GameEx - GameEx Theme Editor

GameEx Theme Editor

The GameEx Theme Editor is my contribution to the development of the GameEx Front End by Tom Speirs.


19-4-2006 Version 1.51
  • Fixed colour bug
  • Fixed save on exit
18-4-2006 Version 1.5
  • Info object changed to "Menu"
  • "Display Emulator Menus" option added
  • "Rotate 90 Degrees" option added
  • Emulator directories moved to each V2 Theme dir. Added both a GameEx.ini check and theme directory check
  • DisplayTitle changed to "DisplayTitleText"
  • "Display Emulator Menus" hide's menu object for emulator layouts
4-4-2006 Version 1.4
  • Fixed launch.wav support
  • Added PlayAttractExitSound option = wav playback
  • Changed internal options structure. It should be a lot easier to add new options in the future now.
3-4-2006 Version 1.3
  • Added three new options: DisplayTitle, CustomEmulatorLayouts and CustomControlPanel.
  • Added support for Launch.wav
  • Added folder scanning for Logo's
24-2-2006 Version 1.2
  • Added brightness control to Adjust Color option. Handy for making images with black slightly brighter so the black doesn't become transparent.
  • Also fixed Adjust Color which I broke in v1.1
23-2-2006 Version 1.1
  • Added loader graphics (pleasewait.png, pleasewaitbar.png)
  • Info / Image now separated to Info and Image
  • Selector bar outline optional
3-2-2006 Version 1.0
  • Rotate, Align, Size and move objects
  • Adjust Hue/Saturation of objects
  • Copy/Paste between objects in the theme editor and other applications
  • Edit objects in your favourite editor and load them back into the theme editor
  • Zoom in/out
  • Import MameWah layouts for any emulator
  • Selector Bar editor
  • Video preview/change
  • Audio preview/change
  • Edit layouts for each emulator
  • Control Panel Editor
  • Print