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Emulation - Chankast Launch

Chankast Launch


This is a wrapper for the Dreamcast emulator Chankast ( It works with all versions of Chankast, even those that are not designed for full screen mode. It is also written in C++ and is only 72k in size.

The purpose of this program is to launch a game in full screen mode so you can play it like an ordinary game without worrying about manually mounting images.

New to Version 1.6

It now has an exit key option so you can quit Chankast easily.

  • Alcohol 120% support for mouting images
  • Supports most options for ChankEx. Just change ChankastExe=ChankEx.exe in the chankast_launch.ini file. Other options are in the ini file, pretty straight forward stuff.
  • Currently the wrapper does NOT support "Soul Calibur Player Select Hack" because it pops up a Message Box warning "This fix cause performance impact in other areas of the game." and right now I can't be bothered trying to remove that automatically. Hopefully in a future version of ChankEx they will fix these issues and remove the Message Box so it will work.
  • Added JoyPad exit (a few people requested this, so that's for you)


Drop chankcast_launch.exe into the same dir as chankast. Create a shortcut to it for each game. Right click on the shortcut and select properties. Edit the properties so it will launch the game as desired.

Eg. "C:\chankast\chankast_launch.exe" -fullscreen -cpu 108 -showstats -daemon "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" 0 "D:\Dreamcast\image.cdi"

NOTE: I use DAEMON Tools 4.0 (

  • To remove "Secure mode confirmation" dialog, go to Daemon Tools->Options->Secure mode to turn it off
  • To remove "Unable to mount image. Device x has outstanding open handles." use the new -unmount option.

Version History

Version 1.6 Added joystick exit support and ChankEx support
Version 1.3 Added exit key, no auto start, unmount image
Version 1.2 Added bin loading, -forcefull can now be used with -screen option to change resolution, forced delay to give Daemon Tools more time to mount the image, added region change
Version 1.1 Added -forcefull for versions < 0.25
Version 1.0 First Release

Command Line Options

USAGE: chankcast_launch.exe -options

-chankast exe Chankast exe (Chankast_alpha_25.exe default)
-file bin Filename of iso/bin to load
-drive letter Set default drive letter
-screen 640x480 | 800x600 | 1024x768 | 1280x1024 Video Mode
-fullscreen Full Screen Mode
-forcefull Force Full Screen Mode (for versions < 0.25). Can be used with the -screen switch to change resolution
-cpu value CPU Speed (100% default)
-priority normal | high Priority
-zwrite ZWrite
-zwritealpha AlphaTest ZWrite
-capcomhack Capcom Hack
-vga Cable Type to VGA
-ntsc Cable Type to NTSC
-showstats Show Stats
-daemon exe device iso Deamon Tools exe (full path "in quotes"), device number, and ISO (full path "in quotes")
-unmount Unmount image on exit
-region jap | usa | euro Set region of DC flash file
-delay secs Delay in seconds for Deamon Tools to mount image (default 5 secs)
-exit ascii Define ascii key for exit (Default 27, ESC key)
-nostart No auto start
-help Displays this Message Box


Download Chankast Launch v1.6