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CPWizard - CPWizard is a control panel editor, control panel (controls.dat), game info (listinfo.xml/Catver.ini/nplayers.ini/HallOfFame.xml), game history (history.dat), mame info (mameinfo.dat), special moves (command.dat) and hiscore (story.dat) viewer.

CPWizard is a CP editor and viewer with a graphics library designed to build a custom CP. It runs resident in the icon tray and can be invoked by pressing pause in Mame without the need for command line options. It can export CP as images or bezel artwork that can be toggled on or off inside Mame. It also supports emulators other than Mame.

WMPFull - A simple command line video player, that uses Windows Media Player installed on your machine. Can be setup as an emulator to launch videos.


WinUAE Loader - WinUAE Loader is a WinUAE launcher for arcade cabinets. It supports GameBase Amiga, SPS and WHDLoad game sets and allows you to remap input to suit arcade controls.

Chankast Launch - This is a wrapper for the Dreamcast emulator Chankast.

XLaunch - Coming soon...